Sunday, April 8, 2007

Funny - How to Cheat the Mumbai Train System

Read this post on Freakonomics about how people in Mumbai Suburban train system have devised a way to cheat on the local train system.
"Here’s how it works. You pay 500 rupees (about $11) to join an organization of fellow ticketless travelers. Then, if you do get caught traveling without a ticket, you pay the fine to the authorities and then turn in your receipt to the ticketless-traveler organization — which refunds you 100% of the fine."

My thoughts on it:
It is very amusing to read this and not at all surprising, given the level of intelligence in India. The person who thought about this has to be given credit for thinking about this system and also credit to people who have made this organization popular. The government of India should now hire the persons who established this organization and ask them to devise methods to reduce ticketless travel in the local trains. These are the persons who should be there in the administration.

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