Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Customer (Non-) Support from Eldeco

We had filed some complaints regarding the finishing of our house when we shifted to Ananda in January 2007. Some of the complaints have been taken care off but most of them have not been taken care off till date. See the portion circled in red in the photo, which has been taken from the complaint register maintained by the Estate Manager at Ananda, Noida. We had filed complaints on 23rd Jan, 2007 and till date some of them have a "not done" status.

I wonder what does Eldeco mean by customer satisfaction, with complaints remaining unanswered for nearly three and half (3.5) months. They do not seem like an progressive organization and are not at all bothered about the customer once they have sold the apartment. The funny part is that they are not even ready to handover the maintanence to the residents even when we have been asking them to do so since last 5-6 months. It seems Eldeco wants to derive some sadistic pleasure from putting us to this misery.
I think even Government of India departments are better performers now. Earlier I was staying in a flat constructed by NOIDA and I used to crib about lack of support from NOIDA, but I think Eldeco has managed to put even NOIDA to shame.


iVAs said...

We also made the mistake of purchasing a flat from this unprofessionally run company -Eldeco. Our flat is in Amazona project and we recieved a letter of possession almost 3 months back. Since then we have been to Eldeco 3 times - AT THEIR INVITATION - no less, to take the possession, but every time we go the flat is not ready to be handed over. I think they want us to take possession when the Paint job is unfinished, there's a leak in the flat, several bathroom fittings are missing, toilets are clogged, and the flat is still dirty.

We have written to the management several times about fixing these small but important issues before we take the possession, but they won't even return our phone calls or email messages. The HQ in Bhikajikama place just directs us to the site and the site manager just gives us the usual run around. I don't know what it would take for them to finish the flat 100% and hand it over to us. Probably a bribe? Anyone care to comment?


Ruchir said...

Well what can be said about Eldeco is less. At Ananda the residents have been suffering due to poor workmanship from Eldeco. And when they complain to get things rectified they are said to being difficult.
One of the residents who had seepage in this bedroom was told that it was due to children playing Holi!!! Can you believe that???

The projects from Eldeco are just a sham and the only reason why Eldeco exists is to fleece its customer by charging them exorbitantly high prices and giving them third grade quality.