Friday, April 6, 2007

Eldeco cares ;-)

Ever since we moved to our new house at Eldeco Ananda we have been facing a lot of problems and have been reporting it to the authorities. And it seemed that they didn't care and that all our pleas were falling on deaf ears. This was the story of all the residents here. But we were in for a "surprise". On April 4th, two of the Eldeco representatives came to our house asking if are facing any problems in our house. We thought that Eldeco finally has cared about us helpless people. But it seems that it was all a cruel joke on their part. When we asked why they said that they have got an email from us regarding our complaints. The strange thing is that we haven’t written any email to any one in Eldeco about anything.

The two things close to an email that come my mind are either an email from RWA (residents welfare association) or a blog that Sonal has been maintaining chronicling all our troubles with Eldeco.

If it’s the email from RWA managing committee kudos to them to finally get things moving.

But if it is the blog that Sonal has been maintaining that I think she has been partially successful in achieving the goal of generating enough bad publicity which will make Eldeco care about us.

Sonal maintains her blog at and one of the things that she writes about is our troubles at Eldeco Ananda and the lackadaisical attitude of Eldeco in addressing the issues raised by us. Off late the blog has been getting a lot of hits regarding Eldeco and Mr. Pankaj Bajaj, one of them being “Pankaj bajaj scam”!!. It does not seem strange after what have been through, but I wonder who else would have connected Mr. Bajaj with a scam.

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