Thursday, June 28, 2007

Indian Cricket -- then and now

Read this interesting article on cricinfo about India's first Test match ever, against England in 1932. It was all praise about the Indian team and how they had England in trouble during the match on atleast two occassions in the match.
My observations from the article about the state of Indian Cricket then and now is that it has not changed, few quotes from the article show that:
1. "they play the game in the most attractive manner" it was true then and it is true even now.
2. "Their batting depends on too few men" it was true then and it is true even now. We still depend on 3-4 batsmen to take us through. All others are there to make numbers.

And then as it says that we had the english team in trouble but it was we who lost. How often this story has been repeated in Indian cricket history, I can't remember. It was the story then and it is the story now. Seems we don't learn from our history and moreso the Indian cricketers.

Good luck to them on their English tour this monsoon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

From Freakonomics Blog

Recently read this post on Freakonomics blog No Price Discrimination at Northwest Airlines.
My own experiences about the service provided by the airlines are similar. The crew at most times gets confused about how to react when they are faced with a situation that is probably not mentioned in their handbook.

So is the quality of air crew going down or is that the passengers are getting more demanding these days?