Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eldeco never seizes to amaze - update

Update on my earlier blog entry Eldeco never seizes to amaze
The suffering reader says again:

They are constantly trying to exploit the situation. I am trying to post my experience with them, in the internet which would help others to take right decisions choosing the property. Even after 4 years, they have not given me offer of possession and saying that I have to pay holding charges for 1.5 years to process the handover.

May God bring some sanity in Eldeco.


Anonymous said...

Eldeco has used my apartment by delaying the possession, for storage material and contractors and demanding the holding charges to further delay the process and misuse it. We are in total frustration and not knowing how to proceed further whether to pay whatever they have been asking or fight for justice in the court of law which may delay the handover indefinitely. Even after 4 years after paying complete cost of the flat, the flat is in horrible shape and not ready for handover.

Anonymous said...

could you plese elaborate or let us know more regading your experience with eldeco as we were planning to buy an apartment in eldeco thanks..deepshikha

Ruchir said...

Our initial dealing with Eldeco was good. The marketing guys were really helpful. But once the deal was done and our case was handed over to there corporate office, things turned for the worse.
The handover was smooth and Eldeco assured that all pending issues/works will be done shortly. But they took some time to do it. But then we started having some more problems which took time to get rectified.

But overall I would not say it was a bad experience. The house is big and spacious just the way we wanted. I think most of our problems were due to the fact that Ananda is a small society. Had it been bigger both Eldeco and us would have had different expectations.

That said, I think all builders are same. It depends on what suites you.

Good luck with your purchase.