Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Raise your sights

The article Cricinfo - Raise your sights, India by Peter Roebuck on the state of Cricket in India and what it should do next in Cricket is an interesting one. The arguments raised in it can easily be applied to personal life as well:

  1. In the long run it was not the result that mattered but the response -- rise like a phoniex from the ashes is what they say
  2. A newly formed nation relishes every achievement because they instil confidence and create identity. A mature country is not so easily pleased. Certainly, it does not live in the past. -- but it does remember it so as move forward in a better manner
  3. Defeats have led not to rational introspection but to loud protest -- do not blame someone else but see what more you could have to done to win
  4. Goals help to define actions -- no better truth than this one
  5. extract every last drop of ability .... keep working, keep improving. -- the only thing constant is change

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