Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eldeco hasn't changed its ways

It seems that the residents at Ananda are not the only ones who are suffering due to apathy of Eldeco. Almost once in a week I get a mail from a sufferer of Eldeco. Be it Utopia on expressway or Amantran in Sector 119, Noida.
I wonder what happiness Eldeco gets by treating its customer with such apathy. They charge a bag full of money and they give back a bag full of woes.

The comment in this post makes an interesting read:

And the latest at Ananda:

Last night (20th Jan 08), there was an event in the passage of 7th Floor. Whole row of the tiles above the Lift door, collapsed en mass with a very loud noise. It happened last night, luckily no one was using life at that moment, otherwise it would have caused a grave injury, including head injury with a possibility of fatality. I think this is a serious concern, showing extremely poor quality of construction done by ELDECO(an ISO certified organisation)


Sunil said...

Eldeco's ISO 9001 and DR2 rating is gone, visit their site.

Here is a mail from their ISO certifier


From: QMS [mailto:qms@qmscertification.com]
Sent: Friday, July 03, 2009 5:19 PM
Subject: Re: A ISO-9001 company certified by you

Dear Sir ,

Sorry for not deleting it from the website. This company was suspended long time back based upon repeated customer complaints from Eldeco Utopia.

In fact we have taken up the case of customer complaints with the new certification body and hope that new certification body will force them to take corrective actions at the earliest possible.

We will advise our website developer to remove the name of Eldeco with immediate effect. Thanks for bringing this error to our notice.


Lt.Col.Anil Kumar
Operations Manager
for QMS Certification Services Pvt.Ltd.

Ruchir said...

Considering the track record they don't deserve the ISO certification. They don't seem to have any processes.

Anonymous said...

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