Monday, May 28, 2007

Reservations in India

In a recent news report in the Hindustan Times about the Gujjar agitation for the demand for their inclusion in the Scheduled Tribe list I found a thought provoking comment from Col Kirori Singh Baisla who is leading the agitation. The report says that it took Col. Baisla 7 years to mobilise the Gujjars to fight for the demand for reservation. When the reporter asked Col. Baisla about the motivation behind this, he replied "I wanted to do something for my community as I felt that these simple people were victims of injustice. I had no political ambition in mind when I laid the foundation of the movement seven years ago."

If there are leaders, like Col. Baisla who believe that to uplift a community it has to be first made backward, then even God will not be able help us. No wonder, the Supreme Court recently said that India is probably the only country where being backward means that you are forward.

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