Wednesday, June 20, 2007

From Freakonomics Blog

Recently read this post on Freakonomics blog No Price Discrimination at Northwest Airlines.
My own experiences about the service provided by the airlines are similar. The crew at most times gets confused about how to react when they are faced with a situation that is probably not mentioned in their handbook.

So is the quality of air crew going down or is that the passengers are getting more demanding these days?


Anonymous said...

There is no confusion in this matter. Northwest management has made it very clear to its flight attendants on page 365.5.1 of the manual "Customers in FC are welcome to purchase all
products at published price." And futher states "Food sales items are not used for service recovery." Please don't blame the flight attendants for following rules that they will be reprimanded for if broken. Direct your complaints to the policy makers at Northwest.

Ruchir said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am not blaming anyone in my blog. Maybe it is too much pressure on the attendents, but I think they can be little innovative and flexible in dealing with the travellers rathar then just applying or trying to apply what is said in the handbook.