Friday, October 26, 2007

More on Chak De

From Mr. Narayan Murthy's observations on Chak De India in the Times Of India:

  1. We have to identify as Indians first and rise above our affiliations with our states, religions and castes.
  2. We must accept meritocracy and enthusiastically play the role we are best suited to. We must embrace discipline to strictly follow every step required for success.
  3. We have to put the interest of our nation ahead of our personal interests, subordinating our egos and biases.
  4. Finally, we have to put in tremendous hard work and make short-term sacrifices for long-term glory.

To this I would like to add one more point which is also the biggest:

Self Belief. If the coach didn't believe that the team could win, the team wouldn't have won. He took risks and knew given the right training and right strategy the team can be a world beater.

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